Ut omnes unum sint︱May they all be one

English Martyrs' Sixth Form


I would like to extend the warmest of welcomes to our Sixth Form community. Whether students are new to English Martyrs’ Catholic School or have spent many years at our school, it is with great excitement that I look forward to working with them.English Martyrs' Sixth Form is a welcoming and vibrant community with an established reputation for academic excellence, dedicated student support and consistently excellent outcomes for all students. 

We are very proud to offer a unique Sixth Form experience consisting of a programme of study of four AS Levels in Year 12 alongside the Extended Project Qualification. We believe this enables students to make informed choices about their final three A levels in Year 13 and provides them with an interesting breadth of experience. 

In addition to our unique and highly successful structure, we offer opportunities for enrichment which include retreats, visits to London, guest speakers and student led sporting activities. Our calendar of events continues to grow and is led by our Student Voice group and our inspirational Sixth Form Student Leadership Team. Our community supports each individual to flourish, build relationships and develop leadership qualities in preparation for aspirational futures. 

We are very proud of our Sixth Form students and their outstanding achievements over many years; it is a testament to their dedication, as well as the expertise of our teaching staff.

​If you are interested in joining our Sixth Form, please contact the school to arrange an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Mrs E. O'Hagan, Director of Sixth Form







Our very friendly Sixth Form are a group of highly talented, motivated and high achieving students. Each year students are very successful in a wide range of subjects and many subsequently study at well regarded universities throughout the UK and Europe. We are very proud of our students successes - for the last three years English Martyrs has been judged to be in the top 10% of Sixth Forms in England and Wales.
As a Christian Community we all try to put the needs of our neighbour first, both by supporting other students in their studies and by making a positive contribution to the wider society. We are always delighted to welcome students of all backgrounds and faiths who wish to study in a Catholic environment.
English Martyrs is enriched by a wonderful Performing Arts and Sporting Life and the Sixth Form plays a pivotal role in this, both by taking part in concerts, productions or teams or by directing and coaching younger students in these.

Mathew Calen, Principal





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100% Pass Rate since 2012

We strive to work, at all times, in an atmosphere of mutual support, solidarity and care. Naturally, parents and carers play a vital role in this support to and we encourage them to retain regular contact with the school on all matters of well-being, be they pastoral or academic.

We are here to support our Sixth Form students in their choices and offer them guidance and expertise in the next vital steps they take in their lives. We will be with them every step of the way.

Sixth Formers enjoy a number of privileges at English Martyrs’ School, not least the superb facilities retained specifically for their use and benefit. In return for these privileges, we want our students to be showing the very best of themselves at all times.

These standards of course also apply to learning. Our students will be guided by teachers who are experts in their fields but they will also be expected to work independently and in a committed way to supplement and augment their learning. Focused and diligent out of lesson study is an obligatory part of learning in the Sixth Form.


We are always happy to meet anyone who would like to know more about studying here and to invite them in during the school day. Both staff and students will be happy to talk about the atmosphere and spirit of the Sixth Form, the styles of study and the courses on offer.

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